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Lead Investigator: Darrin K. Marcus



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Darrin  is our President/CEO and lead investigator. He is a 24 year law enforcement veteran. Darrin started his career with the Macon Police Department in 1997. During his career he has worked in numerous departments inside the agency. The most rewarding and challenging was the Traffic Division and the Traffic Fatality Investigation Unit. When he was in the Traffic Division, Darrin worked more than 2500 traffic accidents throughout the city of Macon. The accidents ranged from finder benders to accidents with serious injury or death. As his career advanced, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and put in charge of the Traffic Fatality Investigation Unit. During that time he worked and supervised approximately 100 traffic fatalities and provided training for the team.That experience transformed into the private sector helping insurance companies and law firms, in and out of state, find solutions to questions about accidents their clients have been involved in. Getting to the truth is what he is about, and he won’t stop until he gets the right answer. Sometimes that means telling a client what they don’t want to hear. You will always get the truth from him, and he will always tell you what I think is best.

Darrin is court room tested and prepared. He has been sworn as an expert witness in all courts, including Federal Court. He had done numerous depositions and is the cause of many substantial settlements as well as cases being dropped due to his expertise. No case is too big or small. We help you find the results and answers you are looking for in an honest and fair way based on experience and science expressed by Newtonian principals.

Darrin takes certification and professional organizations seriously. He is a member of the International Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialist, the oldest and longest running organization dedicated to professionalism in the craft. He is also a FAA certified SUAS Remote Pilot operator that can fly drones for commercial purposes. Additionally, he is an ASE certified brake technician, able to check your vehicles for alleged brake problems should they arise. He has taken advanced accident investigation classes through the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) as well as the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM). He has an associates degree in Criminal Justice Technology through Central Georgia Technical College, and teaches classes to law enforcement, private investigators, security guards, the military, and civilians.

Darrin is married to his wife of 20 years, Tanya, and they have 3 boys. Tanya is also the Vice-President/CFO of the company.