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Speed Estimates

Conducting speed estimates in traffic accident investigations is a critical aspect of our work at Marcus and Marcus, Inc., as it offers valuable insights into the dynamics of a collision and aids in determining the cause and liability. Our team of experts utilizes various methods and advanced techniques to estimate vehicle speeds, providing a crucial piece of evidence that contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the accident.

Speed estimates allow us to reconstruct the sequence of events leading up to a collision, helping to identify factors such as excessive speed, improper braking, or inadequate reaction time. By analyzing skid marks, vehicle damage, and other physical evidence, we can calculate speeds at different stages of the accident, providing a reliable assessment of the vehicles’ velocities. These speed estimates help establish if the involved parties were operating their vehicles within the legal limits or if their actions may have contributed to the accident. Additionally, speed estimates can be crucial in assessing the severity of the collision and the potential for injuries, aiding in insurance claims and legal proceedings.

The benefits of conducting speed estimates extend beyond immediate investigations. These estimates serve as valuable evidence in negotiations, settlements, and courtroom proceedings. By providing objective and scientifically supported speed estimates, Marcus and Marcus, Inc. ensures that our clients have reliable data to support their claims and make informed decisions. Our dedication to accurate speed estimation helps bring clarity, fairness, and justice to traffic accident cases, assisting in the resolution of disputes and facilitating appropriate compensation for victims.