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Time/Distance Analysis

Time/distance analysis is a powerful tool employed by Marcus and Marcus, Inc. in traffic accident investigations, offering invaluable benefits in understanding the dynamics and sequence of events leading up to a collision. Through meticulous calculations and analysis, our skilled experts can accurately reconstruct accidents, determine speeds, evaluate driver actions, and ascertain liability.

Time/distance analysis involves examining the time it takes for a vehicle to travel a specific distance, considering factors such as braking, acceleration, and deceleration. By studying skid marks, vehicle damage, and other physical evidence, we can calculate speeds at various stages of the accident and piece together a comprehensive timeline. This analysis provides essential information for determining if a driver had sufficient time and distance to react, assessing potential negligence, and identifying any contributing factors to the collision.

The benefits of time/distance analysis are far-reaching. It helps establish a clear sequence of events, allowing us to identify if any traffic laws or regulations were violated. Additionally, this analysis can aid in verifying or disproving witness statements, supporting or challenging claims made by involved parties. By conducting precise time/distance calculations, Marcus and Marcus, Inc. offers our clients a meticulous and accurate investigation, ensuring that the facts are thoroughly analyzed and providing vital information to assist in determining fault and liability in traffic accident cases.