Become a Certified Drone Pilot: Conquer the Part 107 Exam Now!

Public safety officials from every field need certified drone pilots to potentially save the life of a police officer, fire fighter, SWAT operator, or Emergency Management official. The biggest obstacle is getting licensed. We make taking and passing the exam easy since we are licensed pilots ourselves! We are here to help you every step of the way!


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Master the Part 107 Drone Certification Test

How to Sign Up

To sign up, first enter your information in the form and click send. Next, click the PayPal link and choose how many people you want to pay for. If you are paying for more than one person, please leave their names in the comment box on the payment page. Call me at 478-461-4309 if you have any questions.

Take Flight: Your Pathway to Part 107 Exam Success

Public safety personnel are put in some of the most dangerous situations imaginable. Having a drone to send in place of a person not only saves lives but gives a live view of the potential dangers and hazards. The information below is what’s covered to help you pass the part 107 exam. Remember, you can’t legally fly a drone for commercial use unless you are licensed.

Module 1: Introduction to Part 107 Certification

  • Understanding the importance of Part 107 certification
  • Overview of FAA regulations and requirements
  • Steps to becoming a certified drone pilot

Module 2: Airspace and Regulations

  • Understanding airspace classification and restrictions
  • Navigating FAA regulations for drone operations
  • Reviewing key regulatory concepts and terminology

Module 3: Weather and Meteorology

  • Recognizing the impact of weather on drone operations
  • Understanding meteorological factors and their implications
  • Strategies for safe flying in various weather conditions

Module 4: Drone Flight Operations

  • Principles of safe drone operation and flight planning
  • Mastering flight maneuvers and techniques
  • Pre-flight and post-flight procedures for optimal safety

Module 5: Aeronautical Decision-Making

  • Developing effective decision-making skills for drone pilots
  • Analyzing risk factors and mitigating hazards
  • Case studies and scenarios for practical application

Module 6: Emergency Procedures

  • Identifying common in-flight emergencies and troubleshooting techniques
  • Developing emergency response plans and protocols
  • Simulated emergency scenarios for hands-on practice

Module 7: Navigation and Mapping

  • Utilizing navigation tools and technologies for drone operations
  • Understanding mapping principles and techniques
  • Applications of aerial mapping in various industries

Module 8: Ethics and Professionalism

  • Ethical considerations and responsibilities of drone pilots
  • Professional conduct and best practices in the industry
  • Case studies and ethical dilemmas for discussion
  • Practical exam with similar test questions as the Part 107 exam

Each participant will get a comprehensive study guide and take a practical exam that is similar to what will be required to pass the Part 107 exam. Don’t get left behind. Enroll Now!

What students are saying

"The online courses offered through Police and Security Training are some of the most comprehensive and easiest to follow courses I have taken online. They are very detailed and get you well prepared for the desired profession you take the course for. Mr. Marcus is very responsive in the event any additional guidance is needed or if there are questions. He was also very prompt in getting me into the range to get my live fire portion of the course completed. I have and will continue to recommend Marcus and Marcus Police and Security training. "
MaDonna B.
President/CEO M. L. Baker and Associates and Beyond Taboo Tactical Training
"I’ve been in the security industry for over 20 years and would highly recommend Marcus and Marcus to any security or law enforcement agency that’s looking for quality, professional and effective training. I found the courses to be challenging, detailed and well organized. The site is user-friendly and the support is phenomenal. Whether you’re looking for firearms training, private investigative training or just basic security guard training, Marcus and Marcus MUST be your choice. They will certainly be our choice for training our future officers and investigators. "
Joe C, CEO
DSC Professional Security, Inc
"MarcusandMarcus, Inc, Police and Security Training Company is one of the best training company in the country. The customer service is excellent and it makes a difference when you are encountering new information that is important to you. The qualifying process was relaxed because of the qualifying instructor professionalism and that makes a difference. The entire process was enjoyable and informing and I will recommend this company to anyone who decide to go into private security and investigation. "
Anthony D.
Law Enforcement/Security Specialist


Q: Do I need a license to fly a drone?

A: Yes! It is required by law that if you operate a drone for commercial use you MUST be a licenced pilot. Part 107 certification is what you have to take and pass.

Q: Do I need experience to take the class?

A: No! Most operators have little to no experience before taking the test.

Q: Will we fly a drone in this class?

A: No! This class is strictly to help you pass the Part 107 exam so that you can legally fly for commercial purposes. We will offer a separate class that deals with flying drones at a later date.

Q: How tough is the exam?

A: This is NOT an easy class to take if you don't take notes and pay attention. I passed the exam the first time and have helped others pass it as well. You must ask questions if you don't understand a topic. We are here to help you every step of the way!