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We keep traffic accident investigations simple! We are a licensed private detective and security agency (PDSC001782) in Georgia. Contact us for any of the services below!

Professional Photos

We provide professional photos for vehicles and roadways!

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Drone Operations

Professional drone services are available to make sure every angle of your collision, search and rescue, and disaster relief are covered!

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Witness Interviews

Need a professional interview done of a witness? We have you covered!

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Scale Diagrams

Need an intersection, vehicle, or roadway mapped to scale? We can take care of that for you!

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Time/Distance Analysis

Could the driver have stopped at the stop sign? How far away was the other vehicle when he pulled away from the stop sign? Did he stop at the stop sign? We can help you with all those questions!

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Professional Reports

Do you need a report that is clear, concise, and easy to read? Our easy to read reports are why so many firms choose us!

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Professional Brake Inspections

Did the other side claim the accident happened because the brakes failed? We can answer those questions too with our professional brake inspection service.

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Speed Estimates

Did the officer note skid marks in your accident? Need to know what speed they translate to? Estimating speed is one of specialty areas!

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Private Detective & Security Agency

We are a licensed and bonded private detective and Security agency license number PDSC001782

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Building Site Assessment

Let us evaluate your facility to see how safe it really is. We specialize in security procedures protocol, and can evaluate your company from check-in to check-out!

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Event Data Recorder (EDR) Vehicle Downloads

We provide downloads for event data from most veicles.

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