Traffic Congestion Consulting



Traffic problems around schools and businesses can be a real problem. Almost every school district and large business have to deal with the congestion. Unfortunately, school administrators have been left to resolve this dilemma until now. 

My name is Darrin Marcus and our company can fix your traffic congestion problems. As a veteran law enforcement traffic specialist, I've been exposed to numerous high profile events that required advanced planning for traffic control. Schools, primarily, fit such a category as there typically isn't enough parking or lanes to accommodate the flow of traffic either entering or exiting. After school and extra curricular activities complicate things even more.  One thing that I have learned is that every traffic problem has a solution. With careful planning and consideration, your traffic problem can soon be condensed to a manageable level.

Our advantage is experience. As a law enforcement traffic supervisor, I've worked countless hours and helped provide traffic solutions for events ranging from county festivals, state fairs, major concerts/promotions and even presidential visits. On of my responsibilities included the development and execution of plans to resolve large volumes of traffic and congestion experienced at such events. Unfortunately, when these complications are not addressed, it can lead to increased traffic delays, congestion and even deaths. 

Having worked traffic accidents in excess of 2500 and approximately 100 traffic fatalities, I have seen the results personally. Many accidents occur in or around school zones every day.  While each school or business presents different problems, we'll provide an independent analysis for the selected school(s) which will consist of the following:

•  A detailed site inspection of all buildings where students are picked up and dropped off.

•  A detailed inspection of walking/bike routes to and from school.

•  A review of current pick up/drop off procedures.

•  Meet with local law enforcement/traffic engineering to help build a coalition that can help solve current and future traffic problems.

•  Meeting with school officials about specific problems & hearing their ideas to help solve them.

•  Observation of morning/evening traffic flow.

•  Reviewing of all streets, especially major roads/intersections, that are in close proximity to the school for their effect on traffic conditions.

•  Professional photos to document specific problems.

•  A detailed written report that documents what is working well and what has to change.

Traffic congestion only gets worse over time if it is not met immediately with solutions. Let our team of traffic experts review your situation and give you proven solutions. Don't risk one of your students or employees being involved in an accident or killed when you have options to reduce your risk.  Call us at 478-461-4309 to set your appointment or phone consultation today. The call is free and you just might save a life in the process. You can also reach us by email at Download a copy of our lead traffic consultant's CV by clicking here. Don't wait until something happens. Make the call now!